Nine tweets on Disrupting DH at MLA15

Last week I had the pleasure of being part of Disrupting Digital Humanities, a provocative flipped panel during MLA15. During the actual panel, we (there were seven of us speaking, plus guests) had a couple of minutes to make a statement or outline the main points of our contributions, which were published in advance on the project’s website––the idea was to have a session that was about 10% presentations and 90% discussion. My position paper on Multilingualism in DH is a continuation of the work I’ve been doing to strengthen and promote, more than anything, diverse translation practices of DH colleagues’ work and projects around the world. In order to keep the conversation going, we didn’t use any slides during the session, which I had meant to use to showcase (not just preach) a couple of possible multilingual practices I’ve been testing for the soon-to-be-out GO::DH Multilingualism and Translation Best Practices Toolkit. So instead, I drafted a series of tweets in Spanish to send out as I spoke in English, which I copy below as a companion to the position paper available on the link above.

Huge thanks to Jesse Stommel and Dorothy Kim for putting together the panel, to all the wonderful speakers that shared the table, and to everyone who came to the session and participated directly or via Twitter.

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